(Photo: Getty Images, Fotos International)

When everything is working the way it’s supposed to, The CW’s time-traveling superhero show Legends Of Tomorrow is gleefully wacky. It takes a lot, then, for the show to be so wacky that it either ascends to a new level of greatness or gets everyone involved fired, but that’s exactly what executive producer Marc Guggenheim thinks will happen when the show returns from its midseason break. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Guggenheim seemed to be in disbelief a little bit about just how “zany” the first new episode is, saying it’s like the pilot’s ‘70s-set “Love Will Keep Us Together” bar fight “on steroids.”

According to the EW story, this aggressively zany episode will play off of the fall finale’s reveal that Arthur Darvill’s Rip Hunter is working as a sci-fi film director in 1967, and it’ll involve a young George Lucas deciding to drop out of film school for some reason. Apparently, this will create an alternate reality in which Star Wars and Raiders Of The Lost Ark never get made, resulting in Brandon Routh and Nick Zano’s characters losing the cinematic inspirations that drove them to become scientists. They will then “slowly start to lose their brilliance,” and the rest of the Legends team will have to somehow convince Lucas (played by Grimm’s Matt Angel) to return to filmmaking—even with the knowledge that it will eventually result in The Phantom Menace.


It’s also probably worth pointing out that this is an incredibly sad time for this show to be doing a fun Star Wars-based episode, so hopefully they’ll fit in some kind of appropriate tribute to Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia.

Legends Of Tomorrow will return to The CW on January 24.