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Upcoming expansion The Old Hunters will somehow make Bloodborne more nightmarish

Sony’s ancient, infernal prophecy has come to pass: There’s more Bloodborne on the way. Announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show keynote, The Old Hunters is the first expansion for FromSoftware’s Gothic nightmare, and it’s scheduled for release on November 24. Details are about as plentiful as one could hope with a FromSoftware game. Taking place inside a “nightmare world where hunters from the past are trapped forever,” the $20 add-on will dive further into the history of the game’s setting, Yharnam, and the hunters employed by the city’s mysterious institutions, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Sony also released a trailer (embedded above) and a few screenshots that offer a look at some of The Old Hunters’ new weapons, settings, and enemies. Based on the trailer’s description and a few of its key scenes, it appears the Byrgenwerth academy will be a central location within the expansion, which, if true, will validate all those fan theories about what’s been hiding under that totally inconspicuous trapdoor on its main floor. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Blog has revealed that the trailer’s doofy, demonic donkey monstrosity is Ludwig, one of the expansion’s new boss monsters and surely the same Ludwig often referred to as the Healing Church’s first hunter. Plenty of screen time is given to “Simon’s Bowblade,” a new hybrid weapon that we suspect is both a bow and a blade, but it’s the unnamed flaming saw blade on a stick—let’s just call it “Peter’s Peppery Pizza Cutter”—that steals the show.


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