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Up All Night now being retooled as a show where Maya Rudolph is pregnant, so everyone should just quit already

Offering proof that executive producer positions begin at conception, the latest input on Up All Night’s ceaseless creative reimagining comes from Maya Rudolph’s unborn fetus, who has now suggested NBC retool the beleaguered sitcom as a show where Maya Rudolph is pregnant so fuck it, everyone should just quit. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the network is “strongly considering” abandoning its plan to press forward with at least one live-audience, multi-camera episode sans departed star Christina Applegate and without its central premise. NBC's newfound thoughtfulness comes in the wake of Rudolph announcing that she's pregnant with her fourth child with director Paul Thomas Anderson, and the show’s writers deciding en masse that being asked to also graft a sudden pregnancy subplot onto the increasingly mangled, nigh-unrecognizable series is the final straw. The writing staff is instead said to be seeking new jobs on shows that still have some semblance of character integrity and story continuity—you know, for writing purposes.

Also edging toward the door is Will Arnett, who’s being courted to star in a new CBS sitcom from Raising Hope’s Greg Garcia about a recently divorced man whose parents move in with him—the kind of nice, stable, boring premise an actor can really settle down with for at least a season. Rudolph is also being pursued for a number of projects, in addition to the gestation and birth of a small human. Anyway, NBC is expected to make a final decision soon as whether it wants to give up on their desperate bids and release everyone from their contracts, or retool Up All Night as a comedy about a toddler who’s left alone in a tastefully appointed house to slowly starve to death.


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