The paparazzo that Kanye West smacked around last month is suing the rapper. Daniel Ramos, who identifies as a “filmmaker,” says he was on crutches for two weeks after the incident and is seeking an unspecified amount of damages from West. He's also seeking a restraining order against the rapper. (Yes, really.)

Ramos’ lawyer, Gloria Allred (naturally), says West is guilty of assault, battery, and interfering with Ramos’ right to free speech. Allred adds that the scuffle has the potential to set a dangerous precedent, and argues that if West doesn’t have to pay for his alleged crime, more celebrities will start to physically assault photographers. (Ramos is, of course, just one of many regular people Allred has represented in civil cases against celebrities, including Nicole Brown Simpson’s family in their case against O.J. Simpson, Hunter Tylo in her wrongful termination suit against Aaron Spelling, and one of the boys who accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse.)


The Los Angeles Police Department has said it will not file felony charges against West for the fight, but that misdemeanor charges might still be forthcoming.