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UnREAL season 3 will feature female suitor


Coming out of its unfortunate sophomore slump, UnREAL will shake things up in season three with the first female suitor, turning the show from a Bachelor parody into a send-up of The Bachelorette. Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby broke the news in a Facebook live chat yesterday, the co-stars gleefully dishing on what’s to come next season. “There will be 25 men on set and Rachel will hook up with all of them,” Appleby joked in an interview with ET. “You won’t only have two strong female leads, but we’re going to add a third one,” Zimmer added. “I wonder how many of the 25 men you get together with and Quinn will get together with.”

Hopefully a female suitor will make UnREAL feel fresh again after its confounding missteps in season two, which featured Everlasting’s first black suitor but went off the rails in its attempts to tackle race and police brutality. Appleby and Zimmer are certainly jazzed about the announcement. “We’re so excited and looking forward to it. I think it will be great to add another strong female to the mix, someone to really battle with Quinn and Rachel,” Appleby told ET after her initial jokes. “And then, put them in an environment with all of these men and see how they react.” We eagerly anticipate casting news for this particular character, especially if they’re expected to go head-to-head with Zimmer and Appleby, whose chemistry on the show remains its greatest strength. Will the new suitor also fall in love with Rachel? That’s how things tend to go on the Everlasting set. Will a perceptive female suitor finally point out to Rachel and Quinn that they’re in love with each other? Some of us are holding out.


UnREAL returns to Lifetime in 2017.

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