There it is. We made an easy reference to the thing that happened in the How I Met Your Mother finale in the headline, and we won’t bring it up again just in case someone out there really wants to know how that show ended but they somehow managed to avoid hearing about it when the Internet blew up earlier this year.

Moving on, CBS had been hoping that it could recapture some of that HIMYM energy by literally just doing it again with a spinoff titled How I Met Your Dad. The show was going to star Greta Gerwig as the Ted Mosby character, with Meg Ryan in the Bob Saget role as the voiceover telling future kids how she met their father. CBS didn’t pick up the pilot, though, leaving How I Met Your Dad effectively dead and its spouse free to go be with Aunt Robin.


But according to a report from TV Line, it still has a chance of coming back. Apparently HIMYM and HIMYD creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are still interested in getting the show made, and they’re supposedly re-tooling it for another chance at becoming a series. TV Line predicts that it could be ready “as early as the 2015-2016 TV season,” but a new cast might have to be brought in since the contracts for everyone in the original version expired in June.

Our advice: Just do everything the same as How I Met Your Mother, but don’t do the thing at the end that we accidentally keep referencing. Also, look into Yahoo. Apparently it’s a big fan of resurrecting once-dead TV shows.