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(Photo: New Line, Brooke Palmer)

We recently reported that Nikolaj Arcel’s Dark Tower movie—which is based on seven Stephen King books that are all pretty hefty—would be a brief 95 minutes long. That left some fans of the books a bit worried, but at least the new adaptation of King’s It is going to be meatier. According to the BBFC (via Bloody Disgusting), director Andy Muschietti’s It will be a solid 135 minutes, making it just about an hour shorter than the old It miniseries from 1990.

Of course, Muschietti and New Line Cinema are hoping to make It into two movies, with the second being a continuation that follows the kids from the first movie as adults (like in the book), which means this duology will end up being even longer than the original miniseries. It’s hard to say if runtime is really a mark of quality for a cinematic adaptation of a beloved book, but everybody liked those really long Lord Of The Rings movies, so maybe that means everybody will like It too.


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