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Unlike Nordstrom and SNL, Twitter isn’t getting a Trump bump

(Photo: Getty Images/AFP/LOIC VENANCE)

As public opinion of our potato-in-chief continues to swing further into the negative, it’s becoming clear that getting slammed by Donald Trump on Twitter is pretty much the best thing that can happen to you. He went after Meryl Streep, and she’s still one of the most respected actors in the world. He went after John Lewis for some stupid reason, and sales of his books skyrocketed on Amazon. More recently, Saturday Night Live has been enjoying its best ratings in decades despite (or because of) Trump’s constant complaints, and Nordstrom’s stock began ticking up in the wake of an angry Trump tweet about the retail chain dropping his daughter’s clothing line.

Sadly, the one organization that really seems like it should be getting the biggest Trump bump of them all—Twitter, his preferred means of communicating with the world—hasn’t been so lucky. According to NBC, Twitter’s shares dropped by nine percent this week after the company adjusted its first quarter earnings estimate to be quite a bit lower than originally predicted, despite a solid increase in active users apparently spurred on by all of the political nonsense going on these days.


In theory, it seems like a good way for Twitter to draw more attention to itself would be to slight Trump in some way, possibly by banning his account for all of the horrible stuff he says. But then nobody would get to see him complaining about it on Twitter and the Trump bump would be negated. Either way, Twitter is still making a ton of money.

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