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In 2018, Marvel Studios skipped out on its usual San Diego Comic-Con appearance for the first time since 2015, partly because it was still pretending that everyone killed in Avengers: Infinity War would actually be dead forever and that there would be no more Marvel movies ever again. This year, Marvel is still staying pretty secretive about its post-Endgame plans, but it sounds like it’ll at least have something to show in July because Deadline is reporting that the MCU will be making some sort of Comic-Con appearance this year.


We obviously don’t know what that appearance will entail—and it hasn’t even been confirmed yet—but there are some obvious options. Deadline predicts some kind of Black Widow footage, as production is supposedly underway in Europe at the moment, but some confirmation of the movie’s existence would at least be pretty easy (an appearance from Scarlett Johansson would be big, given Black Widow’s death in Endgame). Other than that, there might be some talk about The Eternals, but the only other things Marvel has in the works—as far as anyone knows—are Chang-Chi and a Doctor Strange sequel, plus Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, but that’s definitely very far off.

It’s also worth noting that Marvel’s Comic-Con panels have traditionally not been the sort to release proper trailers for the crowd at home, so even if the people in attendance get to see footage of Black Widow or whatever, we might not get to see it.

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