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Unlace your corset and get down at the Downton Abbey swingers’ party

The Dowager Countess does not approve

An American travel company specializing in NSFW vacations for middle-aged nudist types is now offering a Downton Abbey-themed swingers’ retreat, albeit with a liberal dose of Ren Faire thrown in. (And we all know how freaky those Faire folk can get.) Shoes Only Travel’s Pleasure Castle package offers travelers the opportunity to get naked on the lawn, on the golf course, and in the lushly appointed suites of England’s Bovey Castle, a posh country estate-turned-hotel built in 1907. Activities include an erotic Renaissance Fair, erotic pool parties, erotic cabaret shows, (presumably erotic) hunting and fishing on the castle grounds, and an “Erotic Au Natural closest to the pin challenge,” whatever that is. And just like in Downton Abbey, after dinner the ladies are sent off to bed so the gentlemen can attend to affairs of state, if you know what I mean.

Much like the English aristocracy trying desperately to cling to an antiquated way of life in the shadow of WWI, members of the Eden Hotel Group’s Leisure Club—which owns the property where this will all take place—are already looking down their no-doubt-pointy English noses at the onslaught of crude American tourists. “I for one will be concerned about getting in the pool again afterwards,” one anonymous member tells The Daily Mail, presumably while standing next to a polo pony. Not to mention the dry cleaning bill.


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