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Univision's Spanish-language version of Breaking Bad is actually happening

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Although Univision uncharacteristically went a little over-the-top when it prematurely trumpeted its Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad, luckily everything worked out just fine—just like on Breaking Bad. Sony has now officially confirmed that it’s partnered with Univision on the show that will be renamed Metástasis—Spanish for “metastasis,” which is a word meaning “the rapid transference of disease that leads you to dealing meth, because fuck it.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, Diego Trujillo, star of such series as El Capo and A Corazon Abierto, will take on the lead role of “Walter Blanco” (naturally). He’ll be assisted by Roberto Urbina in the role of “Jose Miguel Rosas”—presumably with all the exclamations of “¡Si, puta! ¡Sciencia!” one would demand—and together they’ll topple a criminal empire that’s being run by a bunch of nice Mormons in Salt Lake City or something.


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