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Univision finished its version of Breaking Bad in less than four months

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While English-speaking audiences spent years engrossed in the rise and fall of Walter White on Breaking Bad (or at least an intense few weeks with seemingly endless months in between new seasons on Netflix), Univision viewers got to experience all the murder, knocking, and breakfast in a little over three months. Metástasis aired in the same manner as a traditional telenovela–that is, one new episode every Monday through Friday night—and so although the show began airing in June, the series finale is set for September 18. And as much as Americans yearned for less down time between seasons, it’s somewhat daunting to consider only having 24 hours to reflect on (and dissect) the vast multitudes of shit going down.


Metástasis seems to be purely a translated, almost shot-for-shot remake of Breaking Bad, differing in only small, somewhat arbitrary details. A large selection of scenes can be seen on Univision’s YouTube channel, and are an amusing watch even for those who don’t speak Spanish. Enjoy some side-by-side comparisons below. (Spoilers ahead, but come on.)

Metástasis anti-hero Walter Blanco was still discovered by his cop cuñado on the can, but Henry found poetry by William Blake (WB) instead of Walt Whitman (WW).

Walter Blanco’s alter ego was also known as Heisenberg, and was also first introduced as he’s blowing up Tuco’s place with fake metanfetamina.

And sadly, Señor Blanco also watched Juana, the love of José Miguel Rosa’s life, die without doing anything to stop it.

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