After passing through the preliminary stages of the modern franchise reboot assembly line—the stripping away of the most recent layer of franchise reboot polish that was the 1999 film and its sequels (which were themselves applied to the 1932 original finish); the attachment of industry-standard franchise reboot guides Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci—Universal's franchise reboot of The Mummy is now in the "Len Wiseman" processing stage, according to Deadline. And much like Wiseman's recent franchise reboot of Total Recall, the director's mechanical, workmanlike precision will ensure that the new Mummy product is equally streamlined, and rolled out as a four-quadrant family-friendly action film on its predetermined release date of 2014.

Wiseman—whom Kurtzman has straight-facedly praised for maintaining the Underworld series' "reverence for the mythology" throughout several films of running, kicking, and shooting—has similarly praised Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts' new "darker twist on the material," which will turn the Mummy into more of a "thinking, calculating person" that his eventual star will run, kick, and shoot at. That stage is further down the conveyor belt, of course, likely just after the affixing of Kate Beckinsale.