Celebrating 100 years of intermittently shitty movies, Universal president Ron Meyer has announced plans to commemorate the studio’s centennial by restoring and reissuing some of its most classic films, all of the ones that keep Universal president Ron Meyer from spiraling into the lowest ebbs of depression while listening to the projections for a Bruce Almighty sequel. Meyer says Universal will restore and reissue 13 films from its library—including To Kill A Mockingbird, Jaws, The Birds, All Quiet On The Western Front, Buck Privates, Dracula (both the English and Spanish versions), Frankenstein, Bride Of Frankenstein, Out Of Africa, Pillow Talk, The Sting, and Schindler’s List—adding that he hopes this will “reintroduce our audience to films they wouldn’t know” because they haven’t gotten around to remaking them all yet, not that they aren’t trying.  In addition, Meyer unveiled the above new Universal logo that will make its debut in March, and thereafter remind viewers of the studio’s estimable legacy as a source for innovative filmmaking, right before they watch Battleship.