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Universal Studios Japan announces new Godzilla 4-D attraction

American monster favorite Bruce The Shark will be getting some company this year at Universal Japan. While the Orlando edition of Jaws: The Ride shut down almost five years ago to the day, Bruce has been doing well for himself ever since playing to tourists in the far East. (Think of it as the movie monster version of the 1992 Tom Selleck vehicle, Mr. Baseball.) And in 2017, Bruce will be joined by local big hitter Godzilla. Universal announced the new attraction with a trailer:

The short clip doesn’t give away much, implying that Godzilla: The Real 4D will not feature the classic Showa Godzilla or Gareth Edwards’ 2014 iteration of the King of Monsters, but rather the Shin Godzilla design complete with googly eyes. Presumably, the attraction will consist of a theater show featuring 3-D glasses and 4-D elements such as big old splashes of water, the heat from the big G’s radioactive breath, and lots of smoke coming off the rubble of fallen buildings.


According to the press release, audiences will “experience fear and despair”—the kind Americans haven’t felt since November 9, 2016—“with amazingly realistic sensations.” In other words, Godzilla: The Real 4D will be the second best way to stand face-to-face with a monster intent on destroying a country in 2017. Godzilla won’t have four full years to decimate Japan. though: Godzilla: The Real 4D will have a limited run at Universal Studios Japan from January 13 until June of this year.

[Via /Film]

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