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Universal Soldier IV in 3-D expected to blow... life back into the franchise

In a noble effort to definitively answer the pressing metaphysical conundrum of our time—namely, "If a film is shot and screened in 3-D, but no one watches it, is it still in 3-D?"—Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme will be rejoining forces for the 3-D sci-fi-action film Universal Soldier IV. According to a Cannes update from Deadline, a sequel to last year's franchise-rebooting Universal Soldier: Regeneration helmed by that film's director John Hyams is currently on the hunt for a distributor. And just to confuse matters, despite the fact that Regeneration is labeled the fourth film in the undead-supersoldier franchise, it's technically the sixth—although the series' convoluted, self-negating continuity spans theatrical, made-for-TV, and direct-to-video installments. Don't ask us to sort it out for you. We're too busy oiling our pecs and brushing up on our George Berkeley.


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