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Universal Orlando needs more "BORT" license plates in the Simpsons gift shop

In the living Internet that is Universal Orlando’s new Simpsons Fast Food Boulevard, the streets are paved with references, as well as, presumably, stepped-on Krusty Burger remnants. But mostly references, an attention to detail and fan service that extends all the way to a gift shop that carries, yep, “BORT” license plates. [EDIT: Or, fine, they are Kwik-E-Mart name tags. They are tags with the word "BORT" on them. Let's just agree to laugh about this.] Unfortunately, as seen in the “Itchy & Scratchy Land” episode and as documented by CollegeHumor, “Bort” is a very popular name, and there are only so many “BORT” tags to go around. Probably still plenty of “BARCLAY” ones, though. [via Splitsider]

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