In the living Internet that is Universal Orlando’s new Simpsons Fast Food Boulevard, the streets are paved with references, as well as, presumably, stepped-on Krusty Burger remnants. But mostly references, an attention to detail and fan service that extends all the way to a gift shop that carries, yep, “BORT” license plates. [EDIT: Or, fine, they are Kwik-E-Mart name tags. They are tags with the word "BORT" on them. Let's just agree to laugh about this.] Unfortunately, as seen in the “Itchy & Scratchy Land” episode and as documented by CollegeHumor, “Bort” is a very popular name, and there are only so many “BORT” tags to go around. Probably still plenty of “BARCLAY” ones, though. [via Splitsider]