As first rumored last May, Universal is hoping to recapture the surprise, singular success of Bridesmaids the way most risk-averse studios hope to recapture surprise, singular success—by making another copy and affixing a numeral to it. And while director Paul Feig said at the time that he and the cast were “up to the challenge” of making the most of their unique chemistry, apparently not everyone agrees. Fortunately for them the real holdout is just Kristen Wiig, whose role as the film’s lead and writer is secondary to the far more crucial factor of a franchise title that everyone recognizes.

So The Hollywood Reporter notes that, despite Wiig’s refusal to participate—ostensibly so she can do different things, but the article suggests it may also have to do with bitterness over money—and producer Judd Apatow’s hesitance to be a part of it without her, the studio is actively pursuing the idea of a Bridesmaids sequel without Wiig, provided they can hit upon the right “concept.” Right now that concept mostly boils down to “get Melissa McCarthy to say blunt and horny things again,” as she’s been deemed the “key player to get a sequel rolling.” Which just goes to prove that, given enough time, even Universal forgot about Evan Almighty.