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Universal may remake The Wolfman, again

According to a report from Bloody Disgusting, Universal may be planning on another “reboot” of The Wolfman, which you may recall is something the studio already did last year with director Joe Johnston and Benicio Del Toro to somewhat-disappointing box-office results. Nevertheless, a search is reportedly on for screenwriters who can deliver another period-piece take on the original 1941 film, with the hope of launching a “direct-to-DVD franchise,” much as they’re doing with that similarly underwhelming “reboot” of Death Race from 2008. In other news, when it involves remaking a remake that was remade only a year ago, the word “reboot” has officially lost all meaning, and should be replaced by something else that conveys the idea of a film being mold-pressed like so much assembly-line product. “McNugget,” maybe. Like, “Universal is prepping another McNugget of The Wolfman.” I don’t know. Roll it around your tongue and get back to me.


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