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Universal jumps on the DVD-on-demand bandwagon

Looks like Warner Brothers isn't the only studio who will burn a DVD for you if you ask nicely (and slip them 20 bucks). According to Variety, Universal is teaming up with TCM to offer The TCM Vault Collection, an ongoing series of Universal titles that will be featured on the cable channel and then made available for sale through the TCM website. The initial five offerings—all previously unreleased Universal horror titles—run $19.99 each, or can be purchased in one big set for $49.99. So fans of The Strange Case Of Dr. RX and Murders In The Zoo, rejoice!

And speaking of burn-on-demand DVD archives, if you haven't checked out the Warner collection lately, it's well-worth your time to browse their latest releases. The most recent slate of new titles includes a three-disc collection of Robert Benchley shorts, the oddball '30s political melodrama Gabriel Over The White House, and the Fritz Lang western Rancho Notorious, among others. Also, the shop is currently running a special on horror titles, now selling at 25% off through mid-November. Good stuff.


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