The Black List is an annual compiling of the “most liked” unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, based on a survey of over 600 film executives, that traditionally leads to some of those being picked up. Among those that made the jump this year is 2014 Black List honoree Bismarck, which just landed Universal. Written by first-time scribe Jared Cowie, the script—according to Deadline’s synopsis—describes a British naval officer who, “raw from the loss of his ship, is thrust into the thick of the hunt for the most formidable Nazi battleship to ever set sail: the Bismarck.” It’s the second story based on a famous WWII ship to be announced in recent days, on the heels of Warner Bros.’ movie about the USS Indianapolis.

Despite the film’s exciting logline, the Bismarck’s commission lasted less than a year, and it claimed just a single ship in its only offensive in the war. Badly wounded and pursued by Allied forces, her crew scuttled the battleship, which sank with heavy casualties. Given her brief career and inglorious demise, it’s safe to assume that when Biz Markie penned “Nobody Beats The Biz,” he was inspired by his own formidable lyrical skills, and not the nautical prowess of the Bismarck.