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Universal is developing a fat dads comedy with some Family Guy writers

Family Guy

Having possibly checked a year-old Twitter account, seen the nonsense word “dadbod,” and thought, “Yeah, why the hell not?” Universal has announced that it’s developing a movie about fat dads getting in shape, as penned by a trio of writers from Family Guy. Leading the pack on the project—so far untitled—is go-to Seth MacFarlane joke writer Wellesley Wild, who’s a credited screenwriter on both Ted movies, plus A Million Ways To Die In The West.

This will actually be Wild’s second time attacking the wonderful world of being a fat, dumb dad—we’re just going to play it safe and assume these dads are dumb—having already birthed the late, unlamented Dads onto the air in 2013. (For those of you who don’t remember Dads: Congratulations! Our heartfelt envy is your secret, precious prize.) Wild is joined by writers Kevin Biggins and Mike Desilets, whose credits include both Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.


The film will center on a group of “enthusiastically overweight dads”—presumably spending their days gleefully rolling around in fried chicken grease and fathering children upon implausibly beautiful women—who are forced to change their ways after one of them suffers a heart attack.

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