In a Newswire story about Universal’s plans to reboot all of its classic monsters into one cohesive comics-style movie universe, our own Sam Barsanti made the following statement:

“This DC Comics-style reboot won’t officially start until Universal releases a new Mummy movie in 2016, but it wouldn’t make much sense for it to not start laying the groundwork for it in the upcoming Dracula Untold.”


That observation turned out to be quite prescient, because according to Badass Digest Universal has retrofitted Dracula Untold so that it ties in to the Universal “Monsterverse.” How it fits in, exactly, isn’t clear at this point (fingers crossed for a gold old-fashioned post-credits sequence), but the connection is reportedly tenuous enough that if Dracula Untold bombs, Universal can pull an Ang Lee’s Hulk and just make another Dracula movie like this one never happened. And considering the early reviews for the film have been terrible, that’s looking pretty likely.