The recent race to see which dark reimagining will be the first to exhaust audiences on Peter Pan is a mere precursor to the brewing battle between Snow White reboots, which should dominate our 2012 provided there‚Äôs not some other, more important national contest taking place that year. And now that conflict just got a little more heated, as Universal has decided to move its Snow White And The Huntsman‚ÄĒwhich recently added Chris Hemsworth to a cast that already included Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron‚ÄĒup from December to June, beating Relativity‚Äôs Tarsem Singh-directed The Brothers Grimm: Snow White by a month, putting the two films in neck-and-neck competition, and all but guaranteeing that audiences will skip at least one of them entirely.

To facilitate the move, the studio also had to bump Judd Apatow‚Äôs next film from its usual cozy, sleeper summer slot up to December, which could affect its box office as well. But the real tangential victims here are undoubtedly the nation‚Äôs entertainment reporters who, in reporting on this Snow White standoff so often and so early, have long ago used up every possible ‚ÄúWho will be the fairest of them all?‚ÄĚ iteration, and will next year have to resort to ‚Äúlooking Grimm‚ÄĚ puns and shit about eating poison apples or something.