According to Pitchfork, the latest album by punk rock band Be Your Own Pet has three fewer songs on the American edition because label Universal Music Group (home to Eminem and 50 Cent, among others) deemed them too violent. The songs left off Get Awkward are "Blow Yr Mind", "Black Hole" and "Becky", and boy, are they provocative! (So provocative that you might actually care about hearing a Be Your Own Pet song!) Pitchfork describes "Blow Yr Mind" as a "45-second juggernaut that turns its title into a threat" (whoa!) while "Black Hole" "bitches about living in a dead end town with nothing going on" and contains the line, "Eating pizza is really great / So is destroying everything you hate!" (double whoa!) "Becky" meanwhile appears to be about killing your classmate (several more whoas!). Currently, "Black Hole" is streaming from Be Your Own Pet's MySpace page, and "Black Hole" and "Becky" are streaming on Be Your Own Pet's website. Plans are in the works to release the three songs in the U.S. as a single via XL.