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Universal believes Videodrome is not something for them to leave alone

Universal remains intent on developing a remake of David Cronenberg's Videodrome, a project first rumored in 2009 but dismissed as hallucinatory visions that eventually caused a tumor. But like the TV series at the center of Cronenberg's dystopian film, the demand for programming that titillates without bothering to create new plots or characters has pushed the studio to keep at the script by Transformers: Dark Of The Moon screenwriter Ehren Kruger, with Universal now bringing in commercials director Adam Berg for the thematically appropriate extra sheen of empty artifice.

As before, the plan is still to "modernize" Videodrome by transforming it into "a large-scale sci-fi action thriller" and "infusing it with the possibilities of nano-technology," two concepts that will help sell the sex-and-torture-filled, darkly satirical horror film to the broad audience it was always meant for, apparently. Universal has yet to announce officially that Videodrome will also be given the new PG-13 flesh that is all but standard for these sorts of remakes, though we do have a sick sense of dread in our stomach-vaginas.


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