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Unicorns gobble garbage in the first trailer for Pixar's new suburban fantasy, Onward

Although Toy Story 4 is getting all the press right now, Pixar still pushes steadily forward with its occasional bursts of original IP. Sometimes that works out (hey, Inside Out, Coco, and the first 10 minutes of Up), and sometimes it definitively doesn’t (hey The Good Dinosaur, and the other 86 minutes of Up). Hence our slightly-hesitant excitement at seeing a trailer arrive for Onward, the studio’s planned 2020 release, which arrives with some fantasy overtones, a top-notch cast of Disney associates, and just a whiff of Shrek.

Set in a world of suburban fantasy where unicorns function as the new raccoons, the film focuses on Ian—an uptight young dude voiced by go-to uptight young dude Tom Holland—and his brother Barley (Chris Pratt, yelling). The pointy-eared pair embark in Barley’s airbrushed van on what is either an epic quest or a really fast and strange errand, depending on who you ask, as part of some kind of effort to prove that there’s still magic functioning somewhere in their world (and, indirectly, in the mess of emotional attachments we all still have wrapped up in the Pixar name).

Onward is slated to sally forth into theaters in March 2020.

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