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Illustration for article titled Unfortunately, that trailer for Kanye Wests emCruel Winter/em was really just wishful thinking

The Internet-using, Kanye West-listening community was pretty surprised last week when filmmaker Austin Christianson released a cryptic, atmospheric trailer for Cruel Winter less than two months after the release of G.O.O.D. Music's ensemble showcase, Cruel Summer. And, as it turns out, rightfully so. Despite being allegedly involved in almost every other aspect of human life, West's recently launched megacompany, DONDA, had no hand in the production of the trailer.


According to Fuse, Christianson, whose credits include directing the video for Wiz Khalifa's "Cameras," made the video on his own—despite title cards crediting both Kanye West and DONDA—and only intended for West to see it. The confusion is certainly understandable, however, considering that Christianson posted the trailer as a public video on YouTube without any kind of disclaimer. Maybe he was hoping West would just be his usual irrational self and take credit for it anyway.

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