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“Under Starships” unites Nicki Minaj with a coterie of departed greats

In a mashup that could seem crass but that instead comes off as both sincere and oddly poignant, DJ Cummerbund has combined “Starships” by Nicki Minaj and “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie to create a woozying little three-and-a-half-minute cocktail called “Under Starships.” The title is not very imaginative, admittedly, but the track itself demonstrates a good deal of ingenuity. DJ Cummerbund’s very name suggests a festive occasion, and indeed “Under Starships” sounds like the soundtrack of a particularly wild, all-star house party with a diverse guest list drawing from this world and the world beyond. Actually, Minaj is the most prominent living person involved in “Under Starships.” Most of the other revelers here are commuting in from the hereafter. They don’t seem to have lost a step, fortunately.

Once DJ Cummerbund establishes his principal thesis, that “Starshps” and “Under Pressure” sound pretty good together and flow into and out of one another with relative ease, he keeps things interesting by bringing in additional guest stars. For the benefit of any nostalgic wrestling fans in the audience, the mashup also interpolates a track called “Hit The Floor” from the 2003 album Be A Man by Randy “Macho Man” Savage, who passed away in 2011. Most of the rapping in “Hit The Floor” is handled by DJ Kool, but Savage is also audible here. And the tributes aren’t quite done. Before the track comes to an end, DJ Cummerbund manages to work in a monologue from much-missed character actor Alan Rickman. For anyone who wants to mourn some recently departed celebrities in a fun way, “Under Starships” could be a healing experience.

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