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Lycanthrope aficionados can start making their plans for two springs from now, because Universal has just announced that its newest reimagining of The Wolf Man will skulk its way into theaters in exactly 847 days. And just so you know that somebody is doing his or her job, March 30, 2018 is in fact the date of a full moon. (It would be borderline criminal negligence to schedule a werewolf movie out two years in advance without consulting a lunar calendar.)


This remake of Joe Johnston’s 2010 remake of George Waggner’s 1941 horror classic will be the third film in the shared universe series that Universal is creating for its monster pantheon, after Dracula Untold and The Mummy in 2017. There’s still no word on who will star as the hapless and hirsute Lawrence Talbot; unlike The Mummy’s Imhotep, it’s a meaty part for an actor (no pun intended), so the studio may even be able to secure an A-lister. The script was written by Aaron Guzikowski, who was recently tasked with bringing a very different horror icon back to the screen.

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