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Uncover "The Yellow King's Clue" with a Hardy Boys-True Detective mashup

Much like Rust Cohle after he was cut from the force, obsessive fans of HBO’s True Detective are probably feeling like a boat without a rudder right now. But don’t go renting a storage unit just yet, True-thers, because even though the first season is over the True Detective mashups just keep on coming.

This week pop culture illustrator and Break.com editor Todd Spence brings the world one of the finest tributes yet: a series of modified Hardy Boys book covers that depict Rust and Marty as a duo of boy detectives. Among the mysteries solved by these plucky sweater-clad alcoholics are The Yellow King’s Clue, The Secret At Cohle’s Storage Facility, and The Mystery Of Lisa’s New Boyfriend, which Photoshops Woody Harrelson’s head onto the cover of the 1962 Hardy Boy mystery A Figure In Hiding. The Photoshop is a little rough at times, but the tone is spot on:


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