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Illustration for article titled iUncharted/i’s Nathan Drake spends a lot of time saying “No!”

Nathan Drake, the hero of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, is ostensibly a pretty positive guy. After all, it’s hard to gallivant around the world in search of buried treasures if your glass if half-empty. It’s ironic, then, that the man’s favorite word, as revealed in a supercut posted to YouTube by user SuperNormalMode, is apparently “No!,” usually said as many times as possible in the space of a second.


Admittedly, most of those nos, which Drake’s voice actor Nolan North give just the right blend of fear and annoyance, come about when someone is shooting at him, or things are exploding, or the ancient structures he’s climbing around in have suddenly broken apart. If nothing else, it cements Nathan Drake place as an action hero in the legacy of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr., the undisputed master of panicked improvisation when plans go suddenly, disastrously wrong.

It’s not just the increasingly ridiculous situations that Drake gets himself into that make the video so amusing. It’s also the way North imbues each iteration of the word with the character’s disgusted annoyance, the “Aw, come ON!” disbelief that the universe has once again conspired to hurl him into peril, that makes the chorus of nos so fun to listen to.

[via The Daily Dot]

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