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Uncaring CBS takes America's The Job

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Symptomatic of an economy in which unemployment remains a constant concern, CBS has taken The Job from America, shutting down the Lisa Ling-hosted reality series after just two episodes, thus ensuring no one can claim their pensions. The Mark Burnett-produced show, in which contestants fight for their chance to land their dream jobs, offered unrewarding yet steady weekly labor for viewers, the sort of factory-pressed reality show chore that a man might not necessarily be proud of, but which was still enough to make a 21st-century-version-of-living out of watching. As of now it’s unclear whether CBS will offer the consolation of off-season summer hours to the six remaining episodes of The Job, but beginning this week the network will air Undercover Boss in its stead—indifferently returning to the sort of fat-cat, corporate executive privilege that continues to cost America its Job.


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