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Illustration for article titled iUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt/i and iThe Americans/i share a suspicious hula-hooping girl

Either the laws of time and space have ceased to exist, or the worlds of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and FX’s The Americans are somehow connected. As unearthed by the collective force of Reddit, it appears that the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt opening sequence features the same hula-hooping little girl that has already lived in The Americans’ credits for a couple years. Witness the mystical phenomenon below, 14 and five seconds into the respective videos:


There is of course the possibility that both shows used the same stock footage of a little girl hula-hooping, but this is the Internet, people. We’re nothing without our wild theories. And as if such a delicious bit of television cross-pollination weren’t enough, it turns out that The Americans is also connected to Parenthood via the same picture of a cookie cutter American family. What’s next? The Americans and Empire? The Americans and Game Of Thrones? No, it could’t be…Empire and Game Of Thrones? Stay tuned, The Wall is only just beginning to come down.

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