Wedding Crashers

Sometimes actors have various tics that make them easy to impersonate. Think about William Shatner’s unique halting speech pattern or whatever it is that Christopher Walken does. But one surefire way to impersonate an actor is if they have certain catchphrases that they’ve made work for them over the years. And Owen Wilson, with his distinct voice, has been incorporating those catch phrases into most of his movies for the past two decades.

As compiled by Owenergy Studios, a YouTube user account seemingly dedicated to exploring the talented actor’s antics and recurring gags, the following montage shows all of the subtle variations that Wilson brings to all of his films. It’s funny how many recurring lines and bits Owenergy Studios found in Owen Wilson’s filmography, most not really completely evident until they are all stacked together. From “unbelievable” to talking about “negativity” to calling someone “crazier than a road lizard,” everyone’s favorite Wilson classics are now assembled in one easy to find video.