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Unaired episodes of Selfie and Manhattan Love Story will play on Hulu

Illustration for article titled Unaired episodes of iSelfie/i and iManhattan Love Story/i will play on Hulu

This fall ABC optimistically anchored its Tuesday night around two freshmen comedies, Manhattan Love Story and Selfie. While the former became the first cancellation of the fall, Selfie hung around just long enough to get really good before ABC axed it due to poor ratings (#thestruggle). But there’s good news for fans of ABC’s short-lived Tuesday night comedy block: Unaired episodes of both shows will be released on Hulu.

Selfie creator Emily Kapnek tweeted the good news:


The first unaired episode of Selfie is already available for Hulu Plus members, and the remaining episodes will be released once a week for the next five weeks. Hulu will begin releasing Manhattan Love Story episodes next week. For those who watch their TV exclusively online, it’ll be like both shows never left the air.

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