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Finally, someone out there is brave enough to talk about our nation’s ongoing epidemic of irresponsible heart transplants where the heart turns evil and takes over its recipient: Netflix announced today that it’s casting Uma Thurman as one of the leads in its upcoming supernatural drama Chambers, which sounds like it’s pretty much about exactly that. (“Why oh why haven’t those damn eggheads developed a test for this sort of thing?”, we ask ourselves, hands upstretched to the sky.) Thurman will reportedly play Nancy, the mother of the donor of a lonely heart, who forms an unlikely bond with the girl who gets her daughter’s apparently evil organ and starts exhibiting the dead girl’s traits. (Just like that episode of Angel, or any number of other transplant anxiety thrillers you might have seen.)


Chambers was picked up for a ten-episode order by Netflix back in January, and is the brainchild of Syriana director Stephen Gaghan. Thurman, meanwhile, has been working regularly in TV for the last few years; she co-starred on NBC’s short-lived The Slap back in 2015, and currently plays a recurring “fixer” type on Bravo’s dark comedy Imposters.

[via Deadline]

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