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Uma Thurman’s The Brits Are Coming casts some Brits (also Sofia Vergara)

Chronic / Hot Pursuit

For a movie with an allusion to another country right there in the title, the cast of the upcoming jewel heist flick The Brits Are Coming has been looking distinctly Yankee-centric. So far, the only cast members announced for the broad comedy has been star Uma Thurman, who’s playing a British thief who’s forced to flee with her husband to Los Angeles. Now, though, it sounds like some local colour is being added to the cast, with extremely British people Tim Roth and Stephen Fry both signing on.

Roth will co-star as Thurman’s husband and partner in crime, Peter, who’s forced to approach his ex-wife (fellow royal subject Alice Eve) as part of the couple’s attempts to get out from under their debts. Fry, meanwhile, will play an old criminal associate of the pair, who they approach for assistance once they arrive in the States.


Of course, you can’t cast a movie like this entirely with people sporting British accents—it doesn’t take place in Ancient Greece or Rome, after all—so director James Oakley has also added some American actors to the mix. These include Maggie Q (playing the crime boss who drives the pair from London), and Parker Posey. Also, Sofia Vergara has exercised her option to appear in any sufficiently broad comedy in which someone gets a gun pointed at them, and will appear as the mistress of Eve’s husband.

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