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Um, Loki is D.B. Cooper in Disney+'s Loki trailer

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Loki was one of the first original series to be announced by Disney+ last year, though what shape it would take has been something of a mystery. Today, the suits at Disney showed us something we didn’t expect: Loki in a suit. In the first trailer for the upcoming series, Tom Hiddleston’s trickster god is working for the TVA (Time Variance Authority), which is basically the organization keeping tabs on the multiverse (a multiverse of madness!).

“It’s very, very exciting because in many ways it’s the character you know, but in a context you’ve never seen him in before,” Hiddleston told EW last year, and, boy, he wasn’t kidding. Here, he’s navigating bureaucracy and knife-fighting. In the final scene of the clip, he’s dolled up as slick as the mysterious D.B. Cooper, who skydived out of a plane 50 years ago and was never seen again. The trailer ends with Loki diving out of the plane. In the MCU, Loki is D.B. Cooper.

Watch it below:

Owen Wilson, rocking some silver locks, co-stars in the Disney+ series, which debuts in May 2021.

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