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Uh-oh, Drake got in trouble with the NBA for using naughty language

“Fiddlesticks and applesauce, gentlemen!”—what Drake should’ve said
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Nobody tell his mom, you guys, but Drake got in so much trouble for using bad language the other night. He’s lucky he didn’t get recess taken away from him for the rest of the week, or possibly not be allowed to partake in pizza day at the cafeteria.

According to The Guardian, the rapper and official Canadian salad chain endorsee Drake was in his usual courtside seat for a Toronto Raptors game on Tuesday evening when he got into a verbal exchange with Cleveland Cavalier Kendrick Perkins. According to Perkins, it began at halftime when the Cavalier offered a good-natured brag to his former teammate and current Raptor Serge Ibaka, saying the Cavaliers were going to beat them. As he later told ESPN, “Drake butted in, talking shit to me. He said something slick, so I said something back: ‘Sit your ass down and watch the game.’”


That was apparently the cue for Drake to go a little bananas. Bruce Arthur, a sports columnist for the Toronto Star, wrote that Drake began yelling at the athlete:

Following the end of the game (which Drake’s beloved Raptors lost by one point), the Cavaliers’ security crew spoke to the rapper, who defensively claimed, “I didn’t say shit.” The above video pretty clearly demonstrates that excuse is bullshit. He hasn’t been banned from his courtside seat or anything; he just received a stern talking-to, as should anyone who dares to taunt the overseers of the simulation we all live in by shouting, “I’m here in real life!” It didn’t stop him from trying to get in one last burn on Instagram afterwards.


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