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Ugh, Guy Ritchie's Toff Guys isn't called Toff Guys anymore

Photo: Carl Court (Getty Images)

Guy Ritchie can’t always be relied upon to make the smart decision. Following Snatch with Swept Away? Bad move. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword? Woof. Will Smith’s very blue, very CGI Genie? We’re still nightmaring about it. But calling his new movie—one starring Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, and Charlie Hunnam that is also meant to evoke the U.K. director’s hilarious, tough-as-nails early work—Toff Guys? Beautiful. Chef kiss. And, fuck, it’s not called Toff Guys anymore.

In reporting that the film’s U.S. rights have been picked up by STXfilms, Variety has revealed that the British crime flick will now be called Bush...which is not as Toff Guys. Not even close.


Boring title aside, Bush still sounds great, as it stars McConaughey as a British drug lord who tries to pawn his drug empire off to a clan of Oklahoma billionaires. Ritchie’s deep ensemble also includes Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding as a Vietnamese gangster, Hugh Grant as a crooked photographer, and Farrell as a dude who trains MMA brawlers. Those sound like toff guys to us, but we digress.

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