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?uestlove on the Michele Bachmann incident: "Was it worth it? Absolutely not"

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?uestlove talked with Pitchfork recently about the Roots' fabulous new record, Undun, but the conversation naturally also touched on the recent "Lyin' Ass Bitch" incident involving Michele Bachmann on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. While he doesn't sound exactly apologetic about characterizing Bachmann in the terms laid out by the 1985 Fishbone track, he is "deeply sorry" about offending "a lot of women's groups and non-Bachmann supporters."

"I'm not parading like I'm the poster boy for the feminist movement, but those who truly know me know that that's not me," ?uestlove said. "I was really just going with her whole revisionist history angle, I wasn't calling it out on her being a woman … In the end, was it worth it? Absolutely not."

The response to Bachmann's appearance on Fallon was predictably fierce; ?uestlove claims he blocked "3,500 Tea Party extremists" on Twitter, and was subjected to "really colorful epithets." ("'Nigger fuckhead ghetto stick' is probably the one that takes the cake," he said.) ?uestlove even worried about getting fired: "We were seeing where she was going to go with it because, if you call the right channels, next thing you know advertisers are in the NBC building asking for proper action to be done. So we were definitely waiting with bated breath. And then her camp was like, 'Look, it's Thanksgiving. Let's just put all this behind us and call it a day.'"


Undun comes out on Tuesday; look for our review the same day.

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