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Ubisoft is making a tactical shooter about Mario and his lovable friends

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Image: Ubisoft)

In recent years, Nintendo has shown a willingness to be a little less protective of its precious Super Mario characters, even turning some of them—specifically Luigi—into proper assholes for Mario Kart 8. Today, though, Nintendo may have gone further off the rails than ever before.

During game studio Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage and helped unveil Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a bizarre crossover game featuring a bunch of Super Mario characters and Ubisoft’s varyingly insufferable/endearing Rabbids. If that’s not weird enough, though, Kingdom Battle is also a tactical shooter like XCOM, meaning you control Mario and his friends as they run around a map, duck behind cover, and fire cartoony guns at evil rabbit creatures. It looks insane, but it also looks kind of awesome. You can see the announcement trailer below:

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 29.


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