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Uber to show riders their star rating in attempt to curb bad behavior

(Photo: Getty Images/Mint, Hemant Mishra)

Uber’s business model is essentially based on two core concepts: keeping the company’s hands clean when a driver does something bad, and monitoring both drivers and users with a simple star-based rating system. That last bit is getting a small-yet-major change today, though, with Uber now making it easier than ever for users to see exactly what their personal star rating is. Before, user ratings were mostly for drivers to look at, but now Uber is updating its app to put your rating directly under your name in the menu. This comes from Engadget, and the idea is that unruly passengers may have more incentive to behave better if they know that their rating is dipping dangerously low.

Of course, as Engadget points out, this will probably do absolutely nothing to convince the drivers themselves to behave better—which has historically been a bigger problem for Uber—but maybe the company is hoping that this will somehow encourage everyone in the whole ridesharing experience to stop being so rude.


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