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Uber rolls out special Optimus Prime truck in select cities

Some people dream of getting whisked away in the TARDIS and taken on a fantastic adventure through time. Some people dream of enlisting in Starfleet and learning about space. Then there are people who dream of catching a ride in a blue-and-red semi truck and heading off to beat the scrap out of some dastardly Decepticons. For those people, that dream could finally be coming true. The part that’s not all that exciting, at least.

This is all thanks to fancy-pants taxi company Uber, which announced today (via Uproxx) that it will allow users in select cities to get picked up by none other than Optimus Prime, heroic leader of the Autobots and highly over-qualified chauffeur. Uber’s site makes no mention of this being anything but the actual Optimus Prime from the planet Cybertron, so we’re just going to assume that’s what he is. Riders shouldn’t be surprised, however, if he ignores all of their questions about why there’s a guy driving him and why he keeps talking about Michael Bay’s next movie.


Optimus was in Dallas today and he’ll be moving on to Phoenix and Los Angeles on Thursday and Saturday, respectively. All Uber members have to do to hitch a ride on him is use the app to call for an Autobot to pick them up, and Optimus will transform and roll out to wherever they are. Of course, as Uber points out, there is only one Optimus Prime, and he’ll probably be very busy carting people around to comic book stores or whatever to stop for everyone. He’ll also be too busy to fight any Decepticon threats that may pop up, but sure, feel free to use the bravest Transformer in the entire galaxy as your ride to Wendy’s. He couldn’t possibly have anything better to do.

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