(Photo: Getty Images/LightRocket, Roberto Machado)

The general public has been aware that Uber is the worst for while now, but after admitting to underpaying drivers in New York, launching a campaign to let users know if everyone hates them, losing an executive who failed to disclose sexual harassment allegations, and reading a New York magazine story about how the company is doomed, Uber has decided to look into itself and see if it really is as bad as everyone says. As reported by Bloomberg, Uber has been conducting an internal investigation into harassment accusations made against its employees, and it has apparently come to the conclusion that things are indeed pretty bad.

Of the company’s 12,000 or so employees, more than 20 have reportedly been fired because of this sexual harassment probe, with an unnamed source “familiar with the issue” claiming that some of them were senior executives. Beyond that, the company is continuing to investigate 57 additional claims about “harassment, discrimination, retaliation,” and other similar things, with another 31 employees being given “counseling or training” and seven others getting “written warnings” about their behavior.


Meanwhile, a second investigation led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has also submitted recommendations to Uber’s board of directors, but it doesn’t sound like anything has come of that yet.