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U2 fans are mad that someone vandalized the actual Joshua Tree

U2 fans are upset that someone vandalized the Joshua Tree from the cover of the band’s album of the same name. Though the tree collapsed in 2000 and has just laid on the ground ever since, it’s still a pilgrimage point for U2 fans who happen to find themselves in the Mojave Desert. This past weekend, though, a fan on his “proverbial yearly hike… to reminisce” discovered that someone had taken a saw to one of the tree’s fallen limbs, “evidently to remove an inch thick cross section as a souvenir.” That fan, Hwy 190 on the ATU2 fan forum, also posted a picture of the desecrated tree, below. It’s hard to really tell what was done to the tree, given that it’s on the ground and covered in guitars and sand, and fans aren’t really sure when the vandalism happened, but Hwy 190 urges his Bonovalent brotherhood to “leave the damn tree alone so that future fans can enjoy it.”


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