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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

In a business-centric article published yesterday, CNBC.com speculates that U2's relationship with Apple (remember the kick-ass U2-branded iPod?!) is souring—because Bono has a financial interest in selling you a Blackberry. My favorite quote from the article: "[Steve] Jobs, who doesn't like touching anyone, embraced Bono on stage."

But it turns out that Bono is part of a company, Elevation Partners, that owns a big chunk of Palm. And Palm plans on releasing an iPhone-like device called the Pre this year. And where does this headline-mentioned RIMMING come in? Research In Motion, maker of the Blackberry, will sponsor U2's big-ass world tour. And you thought it was all about the music, politics, and integrity. (It's actually about music, politics, integrity, and really great rates on unlimited data plans.)


And those of you in Chicago have probably already heard the rumors; U2 is in town today. The buzz was that they'd be performing a secret show at Metro, but the latest word is that they're just going to hold a press conference there early this evening (hosted, for some reason, by Sarah Connor Chronicles star Shirley Manson). We've also heard whispers that they're a) going to be interviewed for Pitchfork while in town and b) going to be guests on Sound Opinions. Both of those seem like distinct possibilities.

As for the possibility that they'll actually perform? I'm gonna go with definitely possible. The Chicago Sun-Times has a quote from an unnamed Chicago Police Department source saying this: “It’s a media event to promote the beginning of the North American tour that U2 is going on. They are not performing. Period.” Which smells a lot like, "Let's try and get people to stay the hell away from here, because they're definitely performing." As for that new record? Still pretty boring.

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