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U/V Light conjures electric dreams on “Arriviste”

The Seattle-based label Medical Records—founded by hematologist and dedicated vinyl collector Dr. Troy Wadsworth—has already become one of the most invaluable scavengers of neglected synth-pop, minimal wave, and dream-pop releases, giving them new attention with lovingly repackaged reissues. More recently, Medical has turned that bedside manner to nurturing new artists like U/V Light, an experiment in that same sort of techno-futurism from Cloudland Canyon founder Kip Uhlhorn.

Taking Cloudland’s Krautrock drone and giving it a digital pulse, U/V Light edges toward the Tangerine Dream side of hypnotic repetition, with vocalist Gabby Weiss’ airy vocals floating atop the layers of propulsive sequenced analog synthesizers to add a blissful shoegaze vibe. It’s a sound that combines the ethereal and the electronic, and it should appeal to everyone from fans of Giorgio Moroder and Chris And Cosey to more recent acts like School Of Seven Bells and the Italians Do It Better stable. Check out an exclusive premiere of “Arriviste” below from U/V Light’s upcoming debut Cenotaph, due out June 11.


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