Musician, actor, and Green Lantern cosplayer Tyrese Gibson has been cast in Desert Eagle, an upcoming action movie about border patrol agents busting an international drug ring. Gibson presumably got the part thanks to his pull with executive producer Tyrese Gibson, a long-time admirer of the actor’s work, as well as the man behind the film’s script, first-time screenwriter Tyrese Gibson.

Universal Pictures, the studio behind the Fast & Furious franchise that kickstarted Gibson’s acting career, has optioned the script, co-written by Mike Le, and hired Matthew Stuecken and Josh Campbell for rewriting duties. The film, in which Gibson’s character (named, for the sake of this article, Tyrese Heroman), and his partner, Sidekick Von Whiteguy, must bring down an organization smuggling drugs through a Native American-owned casino, is intended as a starring vehicle for the musician-turned-actor.


Gibson is also appearing in other, non-Tyrese joints this year, including Antoine Fuqua’s Southpaw and the upcoming Furious 7. He’s also planning to release a final studio album, Black Rose, on May 5.